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Vibration Sensing

Vibration monitoring is used in applications such as traditional instruments that monitor machine health for maintenance and safety. For these type of applications, the objective is to correlate observable vibration with typical wear-out components, such as bearings, gears, chains, coils, and valves. Another application is high-speed automation equipment that monitors vibration to trigger feedback control of lubrication, speed, or belt tension. Vibration-sensing usually focuses on the magnitude of the oscillation, not on absolute position tracking, so sensing linear motion with MEMS accelerometers is sufficient for capturing the required information.  
Physical Logic’s in-plane bulk micromachining open loop and closed loop accelerometers can be used in various vibration sensing applications.


Physical Logic’s MEMS accelerometers are designed and manufactured in Israel. They are all ITAR free and the MAXL-OL-2000C products,  are export controlled free.

Application Requirements

  • Wide dynamic range
  • Output temperature channel for calibration
  • Self-testing capability
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide operation frequency range
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low sensitivity to electrical noise or electromagnetic fields in the area
  • Easy mounting chip
  • Robustness – withstands harsh or hazardous environments (e.g. gas, dust, corrosive)
  • Hermetic LCC20 packaging, waterproof – enables operation in wet or wash-down area


  • Structural Heath Monitoring
  • Vehicle Dynamic Testing
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Rail Maintenance

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