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Physical Logic designs, develops and manufactures high precision open loop and closed loop MEMS accelerometers. Our meters have a wide range of applications such as inertial navigation, vibration, tilt, and seismic sensing.

We provide customers with leading, high performance products based on our unique MEMS technology.

Our flagship product, the closed loop MEMS accelerometer, offers performance you would expect from a traditional electro mechanical accelerometer at a fraction of the cost. The closed loop is currently available with a sensing range of up to 15g and up to 30g. Our 50g and 70g sensing range closed loop accelerometers are currently in the process of a technological upgrade – scheduled release term at Q1-Q2, 2021.

Our MAXL-OL-2000 open loop series fills the performance-cost gap between currently available MEMS accelerometers and mechanical accelerometers, providing extremely low noise, excellent VRE and long-term repeatability. The open loop series is available in sensing ranges of 2g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 40g, and 70g. The extremely low noise of the open loop accelerometers is a great advantage for seismic and tilt sensing applications. Bias and scale factor long-term repeatability and low VRE are the main parameters which emphasize our superiority in inertial navigation applications.

Our open-loop accelerometers have demonstrated tactical grade performance featuring 0.5 ppm of full range/√Hz noise, 100 ppm bias stability, and 0.5 % of full range nonlinearity. Our closed-loop accelerometer, designed to compete with traditional macro electro-mechanical quartz accelerometers, features <10 µg bias instability, 0.1% typical nonlinearity over full 30 g sensing range, and less than 30 µg/g2rms Vibration Rectification Error (VRE) up to a 2 kHz frequency range. Both open-loop and closed-loop sensors represent a fully integrated system comprising a uniquely designed MEMS device enclosed in a specially built LCC package with a proprietary ASIC.

For both open loop and closed loop accelerometers, we’ve developed the MEMS device which is an alternative to the conservative concept of an out-of-plane bulk micro-machined sensor. In our patented design, we use the advantages of bulk micro-machining processed on Silicon on Isolator (SOI) wafer to realize a massive proof mass (~1 miligram) with in-plane displacement [9]. The concept provides several critical advantages.  It avoids the nonlinearity of the capacitance sensing based on gap-changing while allowing for implementation of a full bridge sensing topology with a large capacitor (4 x 6 pF) for more effective parasitic rejection. In addition, a highly symmetric mechanical geometry is realized in which each of the four sensing capacitors is equally distributed on the area of the MEMS die. The size of the proof mass also guarantees a low input referenced thermo-mechanical noise with no need for vacuum packaging. This design enables both superior performance and long lifetime, compared with other MEMS accelerometers available in the market.

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