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Customer Tailored MEMS Products

Physical Logic is happy to customize our products to your needs. Some of our products include:

Multi Axis Sensors

Our multi axis sensor can function as a double or triple axis accelerometer, to measure acceleration in several directions simultaneously. This device works for tilt sensing applications in both military and civilian fields; use it for radar platform stabilization, or in the navigation system for planes, helicopters, ships, or missiles.

Medical Applications

Physical Logic’s MEMS provides a mechanical structure for pacemakers, or an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator. Our accelerometer can assist the pacemaker or defibrillator in monitoring the heart’s rhythm by detecting tiny changes in cardiac activity. The NAME is smaller than 1mm, yet it provides a very high sensitivity level and an extremely low noise flow level. Its high level of performance, proven reliability, high resolution, and resistance to shock add up to the perfect device for this type of application.

Miniature Footprint Healthcare

Our compact, noiseless, high resolution and high sensitivity sensors can be used in robotic surgery, or computer-assisted surgery. For these operations, remote control is used to send small and flexible endoscopes into the blood vessels and various body cavities, where they perform complex measurements and manipulations. These motions are guided by miniature and precise motion sensors such as Physical Logic’s MS-AXL.

High End Sports Equipment

Physical Logic’s NAME sensor for the tracing of human movement is a miniature mechanical structure that accurately measures the kinematics of the human body. The sensor is so small it can be imperceptibly attached or sewn into a piece of clothing. With its high shock resistance, low power consumption, and low noise production, the sensor is ideal for tracking the mechanics and velocity of the body as it does various sports, such as running.

MEMS Design Services

Physical Logic can help clients who are interested in developing a MEMS device for any need or application. We can design a device comprising mechanical and thermal analysis as well as other relevant features. This design can be provided to a fabricator for production, either independently by the client or with our management and support.